Be a Shining City Sponsor

The monastery complex is designed and built in the traditional Tibetan style. Modern building techniques are used so that it functions efficiently. Many think of it as “The Shining City”. Still, as with all great things, care and attention must be applied to insure its survival. Mudslides, moisture, mites, and monsoons make ongoing maintenance required so that Bon and Bonpos may continue to grow and thrive here. The Bon Foundation joins the Yungdrung Bon Monastic Center and others in seeking support for maintenance and repair of this magnificent complex that is known to all as the World Seat of Bon. Please give generously to keep the Shining City vibrant and protected.

  • Shining City Protector Sponsorship – $1,000.00
  • Shining City Guardian Sponsorship – $500.00
  • Shining City Champion Sponsorship – $250.00
  • Shining City Supporter Sponsorship – $100.00


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