Donations & Sponsorships


Educational Projects Appeal

Educational Projects AppealThis year the Bon Foundation is doing an appeal to raise funds for special educational project at Menri. Considering donating to support several new efforts including building new classrooms for young children and funding higher education for the young men and women who grew up at Menri and wish to continue their studies.

Make a Donation

The Bon Foundation has established a General Donations Fund for the discretionary use of the Menri Abbot to address miscellaneous needs and unexpected emergencies as they arise. These might include medical and other emergencies, elder assistance, vital equipment repairs, prayers and ceremonies, etc. This is an important fund. Your General Donations will be very welcome in any amount.

Many companies have Matching Gift programs. If your employer is one of those, please return their Matching Gift Form with your donation. If donating on-line, please mail the Matching Gift Form directly to The Bon Foundation.

Sponsor a Menri Bön Child

Menri Monastery is a refuge for Bon children whose numbers increase each year. The children, many of whom are orphaned, are sent, after enduring considerable hardships, to Menri from poor regions in the borderlands for their sustenance and education. The annual cost for food, shelter, clothing, and education for one child is $400. Please know that when you donate Sponsorship Support for a Bon Child you are helping all Bon children. If you choose to give a General Donation for Bon Children you may do so in any amount. Boys are sent to the Bon Childrens Welfare Center and Girls to the Redna Menling Nunnery, both in the Menri complex. All children attend the nearby Central School for Tibetans. The Bon Foundation forwards all childrens sponsorship money and donations to the Yungdrung Bon Monastic Center (YBMC), a non-profit foundation under the leadership of the Abbot of Menri. 

YBMC evaluates the needs of the children and disperses funds accordingly. The future of Bon depends on the fate of these children. Please help them as much as you can!

Annual sponsorship $400.00 USD. Payments can be made in annual $400, Semi-Annual $200, or Quarterly $100 increments.


Sponsor a Bön Monk

Monasticism has always been the bedrock of Tibetan culture. The several hundred monks who make up its community are indispensable to Menri’s survival. They maintain the large monastery complex itself as well as all the rituals and practices of their Bon lineage. Their work ensures the continuation of a vibrant and relevant system that has only recently been discovered by the modern world. While many kind people are moved to help and sponsor Bon children, there is less awareness of the importance of the great work and sacrifices made by the monks of Menri. Giving Sponsorship Support or Donating to a Bon Monk is an invaluable contribution to the continuity and future of Bon.

Annual sponsorship $400.00 USD. Payments can be made in annual $400, Semi-Annual $200, or Quarterly $100 increments.

Sponsor a Bön Nun

Following the Bon tradition, H.H. Menri Trizin 33rd determined that nuns must live by traditional monastic rules and be given equal educational opportunities available to monks. In 2010 he established Redna Menling Nunnery, with its own Dialectic School and good study and living facilities for their rigorous training. The first and only Bon nunnery in India, Redna Menling (meaning Land of Precious Medicine) houses a rapidly growing number of girls and women from Tibet, Nepal, and other borderlands. They are diligently expanding their knowledge and skills, so that in the future they can be effective religious leaders, teachers, and professionals. Your help is urgently needed so that these women may be empowered to serve Bon and others in the future!

Annual sponsorship $400.00 USD. Payments can be made in annual $400, Semi-Annual $200, or Quarterly $100 increments.


Sponsor a Higher Education Student

The Bon Foundation works with the Yungdrung Bon Monastic Center of Menri to support the continued education of the children who studied at Menri and wish to pursue further education after graduation from high school. Students frequently pursue trade schools, college degrees, and other forms of continued training in higher education facilities in India. Students frequently come back for a period of time following their education to use their newly developed training to serve Menri Monastery. Support their continued growth and success by sponsoring a Higher Education student today!

Annual sponsorship $400.00 USD. Payments can be made in annual $400, Semi-Annual $200, or Quarterly $100 increments.

Sponsor a Medical College Student

The Medical College Sorig Bumzhi Menriling (MCSBM) was founded at Menri Monastery in 2014 under the guidance of His Holiness the 33rd Gyalwa Menri Trizin Rinpoche to preserve, promote, and develop Tibetan Medicine. Many Bon students, including children who have grown up and studied at Menri and are continuing their education to become an Amchi (Tibetan Doctor). Help the Bon Foundation support these students and Medical College by sponsoring a medical College Student today!

Annual sponsorship $400.00 USD. Payments can be made in annual $400, Semi-Annual $200, or Quarterly $100 increments.

Be a Shining City Sponsor

The monastery complex is designed and built in the traditional Tibetan style. Modern building techniques are used so that it functions efficiently. Many think of it as “The Shining City”. Still, as with all great things, care and attention must be applied to insure its survival. Mudslides, moisture, mites, and monsoons make ongoing maintenance required so that Bon and Bonpos may continue to grow and thrive here. The Bon Foundation joins the Yungdrung Bon Monastic Center and others in seeking support for maintenance and repair of this magnificent complex that is known to all as the World Seat of Bon. Please give generously to keep the Shining City vibrant and protected.