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In the course of The Bon Foundation's long association with Menri Monastery, the Foundation has contributed to new dormitories, the nunnery, the health center, the library and the farm. The Bon Foundation presently directs most of its fundraising efforts toward the children's well being and education. A healthier diet, improved energy and water systems, and expanded educational opportunities are the Foundation's current focus. Administered by a small staff of volunteers in the United States, The Bon Foundation seeks your assistance in addressing the needs of a community actively and successfully engaged in preserving the culture of Bon and its vibrant tradition.

Greetings and Tashi Delek!

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This year The Bon Foundation celebrates the 25th anniversary of its founding. During this quarter century, under the wise leadership of H. H. Menri Trizin 33, with the support of donors worldwide, the mud buildings of early Menri have been replaced with the beautifully decorated buildings of a traditional Tibetan monastery. The Bon Foundation is proud to have played a role in preserving the ancient Bon tradition by contributing to building Menri-in-exile and by preserving ancient texts through the Scanning Project.

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We also seek to insure the future of Bon in this world by supporting the many children of Menri. Menri is one of very few places where Tibetan children can be educated inTibetan and in Bon culture. Most of the children at Menri come from poor families who sacrifice a great deal to get their children to the monastery. As a result in recent years the main focus of The Bon Foundation's fundraising has been children's needs: food, clothing, school supplies, bedding, health care, and recreational facilities.

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As pleased as we are to see where Menri is today, The BonFoundation will not become complacent. We know that the children's needs are ongoing, that buildings need refurbishing, and that the needs of the community will change in the next 25 years. Please join us in preserving and supporting this venerable tradition and its people.

In closing I heartily thank our current board members, officers and administrator (see a listing of these in About Us) who work tirelessly to serve the Bon Foundation's mission. If you would like to participate more directly in any of our efforts I hope you will contact me at boninfo@bonfoundation.org to discuss your interest and ideas.

Yours in Bon,
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Karan Shelley, President

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