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An integral part of and across the valley from Menri Monastery is the Redna Menling Nunnery. His Holiness Menri Trizin 33rd made a commitment to the future of Bon by honoring the Bon tradition of equality for monks and nuns. He felt strongly that women must benefit equally from the same religious and educational opportunities as men and live by monastic rules. Like the monks, these nuns are being prepared and educated for leadership roles in the religious, professional, and vocational communities of their future. Redna Menling houses a growing number of women from Tibet, Nepal, and other borderlands. Most have suffered extreme hardships leading to their arrival at Redna Menling, but they gain confidence and strength as they practice and study there.

Many nuns will remain committed to monastic life with a basic education supplemented by crafts and technical skills, while others who qualify, will seek Geshe degrees which are equivalent to the western Doctor of Divinity. Some will seek higher education in other professions and vocations. Rigorous preparation will qualify all these women for a meaningful future.
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The annual cost of food, shelter, clothing, and education for one nun is $400. If you choose to give Sponsorship Support for a nun, please indicate it on the payment page. If you prefer to give a General Donation to help the nuns, that option will also appear on the payment page. Supporting a Redna Menling nun will help her to move forward on the path to equality and significance as she works to fortify the future of Bon. Anything you can give will be most welcome!
General Donation Fund
The Bon Foundation has established a special Menri Abbot Discretionary Fund to address miscellaneous needs and unexpected emergencies as they arise. These might include medical and other emergencies, elder assistance, vital equipment repairs, etc.
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This is an important fund. Your General Donations will be very welcome in any amount.

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