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By now, people around the world know about the Yungdrung Bon Menri Monastery in exile in Dolanji, India, Today, it includes a collection of beautiful Tibetan-style temples, a university, Tibetan medical school, library, farms, residential housing for monks, office and storage buildings, and guest housing for scholars, students, and other visitors. In the 1960s, a small handful of Bon religious leaders fled to India from Tibet. There, they formed a rudimentary monastic community of mud buildings on terraces carved from a rugged hillside. Over the next five decades this would become a magnificent Bon monastery replacing its destroyed namesake in the Tsang Province of Tibet. Menri Monastery is recognized as the new administrative and spiritual world center of Bon, having evolved from a camp to a campus. In recent years, the Redna Menling Nunnery, which sits in a breathtaking valley nearby, has been added to this consistently expanding campus. A village of Bonpo lay families is situated on the side of the hill beneath the Monastery.

When referring to the People of Menri, we are speaking of the thousands of adults and children from Tibet, Nepal, and other borderlands who, over the past five decades, arrived as orphans, monks, and nuns--young and old--from Tibet, Nepal, and the borderlands where they have received secuar elementary and secondary school educations in a Tibetan school offering special Bon training. Many continue their educations at the Bon Dialectic School or in other universities. When they first arrived at Menri, they found themselves under the loving protection and leadership of the Abbot of Menri, H. H. Menri Trizin 33rd (1929-2017). This Abbot was a great teacher and master builder--a true architect, if you will--who envisioned and made manifest the "Shining City" of Bon and who, by his care and compassion, served as an exemplar of gentleness, discipline, and dedication. The monastic residents of both Menri Monastery and Redna Menling Nunnery spend most of their youth there. Some stay on as monks and nuns, while others go off to teach or move into other vocations. These exceptional people have not only participated in the physical work of building the Menri complex, but all new arrivals follow the examples of their predecessors and, like those before them, continue to demonstrate deep commitment to their studies and hard work. Sounds of debating, chanting, playing sports, joyful laughing, or feet running to classes permeate the atmosphere of this special place. We at the Bon Foundation have deep respect for the People of Menri and want to do everything to support them, as they are the future of Bon. Please read on to know more about the children, monks, and nuns of Menri and consider ways in which you can help us help them.

Thank you,

The Bon Foundation

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