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View of Menri Monastery
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The Bon Foundation is launching a five-yearShining City Campaignin order to helppreservethe stability and integrity of the physical plantof MenriMonastery, the world seat of Bon. We areasking for your help.

Mudslides + Moisture + Mites + Monsoons = MANDATORY MAINTENANCE
In 1961, when the Bon leadership and a group of faithful monks and religious Bonpo walked out of Tibet across Asia to settle in exile, they acquired, with the help oftheCatholic Relief Services, a beautiful but rugged piece of land in the village of Dolanji in northern India. With back-breaking work, determination, and courage, their Tibetan Bon camp became Menri Monastery, a place of refuge thatis nowthe worldcenter of Bon. Over the decades, Menri Monastery has become a "shining city on a hill" serving monks, nuns, children, scholars, practitioners, and visitors from all over the world. This treasurestands in a region where geological and climate changes are a constant threat. Preserving Menriboils down to maintenance and repair.
Main Temple, Menri Monastery
Everybody knows thatfinding money for maintenance and repair is noteasy. When, after a wet winter,we discover a leaky roof or mold in our kitchen, we know wemust act -- even if we would rather spend our money elsewhere. But most of us have never faced the problems that can arise from a leak caused by a monsoon or a fissure from a mudslide. The health and safety of our monks, nuns, and children are threatenedevery timetheir buildings crack, become invaded by termites,or are covered in mold. We must help.
Sowa Rigpa Building
The Challenge
In 2013, wewereable to meet the first year pledge that the Bon Foundation madeto the Menri Abbotto raise $25,000for each of the next five years. This year, our board members havepledged $5,000to begin the Shining CityCampaignfor 2014. A generous contributor haspresented a Matching Grant of $3,000 that will match every dollarfrom your donations up to that amount. Pleasehelp with this crucially important project.

New Stupa Temple
Please contact us at boninfo@bonfoundation.org or visit us on facebook if you would like to find out more about the Shining City Campaign. Thank you!

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