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News From The
Yungdrung Bon Monastic Center

View of Menri Monastery
main temple
Operating under the leadership of the Abbot of Menri, the Yungdrung Bon Monastic Center (YBMC) is a democratically- structured organization run by monks who represent the various departments of the Menri complex. Together with the Abbot, they determine budgets and priorities and are accountable for carrying out the projects and expenditure responsibilities to donors and to the government of India. YBMC extends its deep gratitude to people and organizations from around the world who have made possible the completion of its important projects.

Developments and Projects at Menri

HH Dalai Lama greets
Bon Community
Bon Publishing at Menri
Thanks to a grant from The Reed Foundation, a printing/publishing facility will be installed at Menri Monastery's Tibetan Yungdrung Bon Library where monks will be able to produce and publish Bon books by scanning and then printing traditional Tibetan literature in "pecha" style books which are then wrapped in cloth. The books may be published in whatever quantities are indicated and distributed according to the Abbot's instruction.

New Nuns' Dorm
Hot Water for the Nuns!
Until very recently, hot water was not available unless precious trees were cut and burned for heating it. The nunnery is situated in an area that is especially cold in winter and, with help from the Bon Foundation, a solar system was installed for bathing and cooking. Another such system was placed in the monk's kitchen and Abbot's residence.
A Faster Internet Service
Bon Foundation members provided hardware and maintenance for a much-needed faster internet service for the Menri offices, guesthouse, and Library and for the use of monks and older students.

New Nuns' Dorm
A New Temple for Visitors
A beautiful new temple has been constructed in the Menri complex to accommodate lay people in the Dolanji community and the many visitors, students, and practitioners who come to Menri. Known as the "Yogi-Yogini Temple", the building will serve the devotional and study needs of the non-monastic community that includes the many pilgrims who come to Menri.

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