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The Bon Foundation continues its efforts to help the Bon refugee children of Menri Monastery and Redna Menling Nunnery. Thanks to His Holiness Menri Trizin 33rd and the Yungdrung Bon Monastic Center (YBMC), these orphaned and semi-orphaned children who arrive in steady streams from poor families in Tibet, Nepal, and other regions bordering India, are given refuge, food, shelter, and basic education to help prepare them for a decent future they may not otherwise have. Although these extraordinary children are cheerful, intelligent, and determined to do well, conditions are difficult and their challenges are great.

The Bon Foundation invites you to sponsor a Menri Bon Child. Groups of individual photos will be featured on these pages throughout the year. If you wish to select a child to sponsor, please remember that because need is so great, some children may have more than one sponsor. In all cases, all sponsorship money is used to support all children. As a sponsor, you will receive a welcome letter detailing how you can write to the child you have chosen along with a photo and biographical information about the child.

Click below for individual children's photographs

If you would like a more general way to support Menri Bon Children, please click Support a Menri Bon Child for further options. There you will also find a printer-friendly form if you would prefer to donate by mail.

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