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Origin of Bon
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Menri Monastery is a refuge for Bon children whose numbers increase each year. The children, many of whom are orphaned, are sent, after enduring considerable hardships, to Menri from poor regions in the borderlands for their sustenance and education. The annual cost for food, shelter, clothing, and education for one child is $400. Please know that when you donate Sponsorship Support for a Bon Child you are helping all Bon children. If you choose to give a General Donation for Bon Children you may do so in any amount. Boys are sent to the Bon Children's Welfare Center and Girls to the Redna Menling Nunnery, both in the Menri complex. All children attend the nearby Central School for Tibetans. The Bon Foundation forwards all children's sponsorship money and donations to the Yungdrung Bon Monastic Center (YBMC), a non-profit foundation under the leadership of the Abbot of Menri. YBMC evaluates the needs of the children and disperses funds accordingly. The future of Bon depends on the fate of these children. Please help them as much as you can!

Sponsorship Support of $400
Donation will address the needs of one child for one year

General Donation for Bon Children
Please give whatever you can!

Many companies have Matching Gift programs. If your employer is one of those, please return their Matching Gift Form with your donation. If donating on-line, please mail the Matching Gift Form directly to The Bon Foundation.

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Please print this form and send it with your tax-deductible contribution in US dollars to The Bon Foundation, PO Box 564, Philo, CA 95466, USA. You will be sent a receipt as verification of your contribution.

Contact us at boninfo@bonfoundation.org or visit us on facebook if you would like to find out more about the People of Menri. Thank you!
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