In the course of The Bon Foundation's long association with Menri Monastery, the Foundation has contributed to new dormitories, the nunnery, the health center, the library and the farm. The Bon Foundation presently directs most of its fundraising efforts toward the children's well being and education. A healthier diet, improved energy and water systems, and expanded educational opportunities are the Foundation's current focus. Administered by a small staff of volunteers in the United States, The Bon Foundation seeks your assistance in addressing the needs of a community actively and successfully engaged in preserving the culture of Bon and its vibrant tradition.

Chelsea Ambrose, Frances Baker, JoAnn Clough, Cathy Granett, Jeffrey Granett,
Jonathan Kramer, Mary Lanier, Vasilka Nicolova, Kit Sawyer, Karan Shelley

Karan Shelley, President • Kit Sawyer, Secretary • Frances Baker, Treasurer

Susan Newstead

The Bon Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization administered by volunteers.
All contributions are fully tax-deductible.

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