The Bon Foundation was established in 1989 in to assist Tibetan Bon refugees who have settled in India and to promote and raise funds for the preservation and advancement of the Bon culture. Exiled in India, Menri Monastery is the spiritual and administrative center for all Bon religion and culture. It is here that the Bon Foundation has focused its attention. New buildings, an improved water system, health care, clothing, shelter, and higher education are some of the results of our work. The Foundation seeks assistance in addressing the needs of the children and young people whose responsibility it will be to preserve this ancient culture and move it forward into the future. The Bon Foundation is administered by a small staff of volunteers in the United States.
Chelsea Ambrose, Frances Baker, JoAnn Clough, Cathy Granett, Jeffrey Granett,
Jonathan Kramer, Mary Lanier, Dixie O'Connor, Vasilka Nicolova, Kit Sawyer, Karan Shelley

Karan Shelley, President • Kit Sawyer, Secretary • Frances Baker, Treasurer

Susan Newstead

The Bon Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization administered by volunteers.
All contributions are fully tax-deductible.

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Photos: Chesea Ambrose, Bill Megalos, Jonathan Kramer, Mary Ellen McCourt, David Kosowski, Cheri Brady,
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